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Remembering Our Civil Rights Leaders: MLK


Remembering Our Civil Rights Leaders: MLK

This coming Monday, January 17th, in the United States is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.


It is no secret that Dr. King is widely regarded as one of the greatest civil rights leaders of the 20th century–not just nationally, but globally as well. This weekend, and on the 17th, spend some time reflecting not just on the life’s work of Dr. King, but also on the legacy of other civil rights leaders instrumental to Dr. King’s success such as Bayard Rustin, Mahalia Jackson and A. Phillip Randolph by listening to some of our recommendations. 


To get started, checking out the following:


The World House - The King Institute



The MLK Tapes (Updated weekly)


But if you are looking for just one episode with a True Crime angle about MLK, check out:


American Scandal - The Feds vs. the Activist | MLK


Kings Last March


For parents, consider this:


Martin Luther King, Jr - Bedtime History


And don’t forget about the youth that were involved! Listen to this episode from:


Community Organizing, Youth Leadership and SNCC’ - Teaching Hard History


Pro-tip: Check out the show notes for a companion music playlist the show hosts created.


In addition to the recommendations below, follow the Play Your Part hub

starting Monday for a collection of episodes revisiting the March on Washington and the key orchestrators, and some ways you can use your own voice to speak up when you encounter injustice in the world.


Through all of us working together, his legacy can live on.

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