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Spooky Vampires w/ Stephanie Soo


Spooky Vampires w/ Stephanie Soo

We love vampires. Be they the sparkly, blue-tinted, six-pack abs ones or the cloaked, coffin-bound, Transylvanian ones, we're all about our pointy-toothed buddies. 


As there are so many iterations on the concept of the Vampire, so too are there many stories told about them. Some stories are decades old, some are currently unfolding. In some, they slink through the night to suck the blood of their victims. In others, they pester high-schoolers and wrestle werewolves. 


We could go on about our favorite undead creatures of the night, but we're lucky enough to have YouTuber and Influencer Extraordinaire  Stephanie Soo on our side to tell us about some of her very favorite Vampire stories. We'll let her explain: 




Thanks, Stephanie!! 


Okay, ready? Here are Stephanie's Picks of the Spookiest Vampire Stories to keep you fed this October ⚰️


The Vampire Serial Killer (Case of Tsutomu Miyazaki)

Rotten Mango



Mythical Monsters


"The Vampire of Sacramento" Pt. 1: Richard Trenton Chase

Serial Killers


HAUNTED: The New England Vampire Girl

Supernatural with Ashley Flowers


The Vampire Hunters of Highgate Cemetery

Last Podcast On The Left


A huge thanks again to Stephanie Soo for picking out some truly choice Vampiric podcast episodes to make our skin crawl this spooky season. If you're looking for the full playlist, you can find it here:


Stephanie Soo - Spooky Vampires Playlist


Otherwise, if you're looking for more scares, maybe check out some of our favorite Ghost Stories here

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