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Suddenly getting Ads on podcasts


Suddenly getting Ads on podcasts

Hi, I am  premium subscriber, but from this morning I'm getting uber eats Ads during my podcast. it is definitely not the podcast ads. Why am I paying for premium and suddenly still have to listen to ads?

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hiii! i have some advice for you.


so basically you dont get ads for music, but you get ads for podcasts. why? i honestly dont know why but ads are just the integral part of podcasts cuz spotify said that.

I quit listening to podcasts on Spotify, but my kids listen to story podcasts when they go to sleep. Getting s lot ads that are not at all suitable for children with those. I am now seriously considering quitting Spotify completdly, having been a user since 2010 and a paid user for most of the years since. This is literally bs! I won't listen to excuses about this.

just to say here that im not making any excuses im just giving you some knowledge on the fact spotify said ads are an integral part of podcasts.

Stop it Spotify, i can't listen to podcasts anymore, the ads have double the volume and reapeats.

Hi @Wessel3 
I believe these ads are from the podcaster and do not believe Spotify can control them.
With a premium subscription, you can skip them. I would rather then not be there at all either.

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