True Crime Tuesdays - Tech and The Dark Web

True Crime Tuesdays - Tech and The Dark Web


Web 3.0, the dark web, crypto, NTFS, self-driving cars, and clap-on lights. With so much modern and emerging tech in the world, is it any wonder that so many of us are afraid of technology? 


Rightfully so, tech has earned its place in the world of horror and true crime. That's why we've put together 5 of our favorite true crime episodes all about the frights of the future. Enjoy. 


A Death in Cryptoland - The Body


In this episode, the story of Gerald Cotten, an opportunistic fella who hit it big in the crypto world, and decided he'd take a vacation to India with his winnings after some scandalous dealings were uncovered around his business. He then mysteriously passed away during his hiatus in India...or did he?

Scam Goddess - RazzleCON


In this episode of Scam Goddess, the story of Heather Morgan, a former CEO and rapper who was part of the largest asset seizure in history, including over $4 Billion in bitcoin. 


Bitcoin Revolution Pt. 1 - Conspiracy Theories


Bitcoin is --perhaps intentionally-- shrouded in mystery. From its enigmatic creator to it's difficulty to understand, there's many who don't trust this titan of the crypto world. But is it the next heavy-hitter in global commerce, or a haven for scammers and criminals? 


The Dark Web - Unexplained Mysteries


Imagine a web in which no activity can be tracked, and everyone is truly anonymous. What would that create-- a bastion for freedom, or an endless cabal of illegal goods and services? our pals over at Unexplained Mysteries are set up to break it down for ya. 




That's it for this week, folks. Have you ever encountered something on the web that horrified you? If so, let us know down in the comments below-- but do keep it PG13, please. We know there's some weirdness out there. 

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