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Welcome to the Spotify Podcasts Community! What's your Favorite Podcast?


Welcome to the Spotify Podcasts Community! What's your Favorite Podcast?

Hey, Podcast fans! 


Welcome to the Spotify Podcasts Community! We're glad you're here 😊 Before we get started, here's what our community is all about:

This is the place to share and discuss the shows and creators that everyone should be paying attention to. Whether you're a listener and a fan, or a podcast creator looking for some inspiration, this is your spot to talk about your favorite shows, podcast habits and culture, and everything in-between. 

While we always appreciate feedback on the Spotify experience, please re-direct any comments and questions about the Spotify experience to either the HELP or the IDEAS sections of the community. 


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Now, let's have some fun! 


As a welcome, let's introduce ourselves with a little game. Here's how to play:


1. What's your name/username?

2. What part of the world are you in?

3. What is your favorite podcast? Share an episode! 


Once you've done that, find someone else in the comments below and leave 1 podcast recommendation (or more!)


📢Tip: To embed a podcast in the comments, simply grab the link by selecting "Share" on Spotify, and post it here. 

Let's do it! We're so excited to meet you all. 

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  1. Cherieen, Utah, USA, The Joe Rogan experience is my favorite podcast 💯. Please don't cave to "wokeism" and cancel culture Spotify. 

Hi Spotify community. I'm Plamen/iziway, born and raised in Bulgaria, currently living in the UK. I have to say my favourite pod is The Joe Rogan Experience. If I have to state a single podcast of his it would be the first one that I listened of it, which is the one with Dana White way back in the days. The reason I love the podcast is that it open a lot of avenue for me, one being my love for history. JRE was the place that introduced me to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History (a very close 2nd), and the rest is history from then on, pun intended. Also so many other scientists, fighters, interesting personalities throughout the years. A great and absolutely positive influence on my life. And no, I of course don't follow blindly whatever I hear on it. I have a brain and I decide for myself. As all people do.. 

Joe rogan. The best. Breaking points, great. 


plan details for 25 one week 🙂


I just have one question I’m getting advertisements on my premium account when listening to podcasts

Hello everybody! My name is Geovane Bento and I work as a phonographic strategist here in Brazil. I love Podcasts about the music market because I work in this area. Follow my Podcasts channel on Spotify:

This Week @NASA, Oct. 7, 2022

My favorite podcasts are the ones without ADS, since I am paying for a service that you offer without ADS. NO MORE ADS!!

Hi Im Jairo, Im not able to listen any podcast, even if I try lo look for a random content there is not able by desktop or mobile app, even by page, can you try to guide me 

Is there a way to disable podcasts completely? Don't use it, don't need it, don't want it.

Hi I’m freakyforfridays on Spotify! I am in USA, living in Georgia. And my favorite podcast? Joe Rogan! This dude is hilarious and his interviews are so interesting. I don’t have a particular episode to recommend but it’s a really good one!


Odessa, TX

I am having real issues with locating my published podcast, not as a podcaster however as a patron. I need some answers as to why my podcast is not searchable on Spotify. Please.

Hi, I'm Smallfry_ and I'm from the UK. 

I'm a massive fan of Sarah Rhea Werner's 'Girl in Space' podcast. S1, Ep.1 has such a fantastic name. Who wouldn't want to listen to a podcast with an episode called 'Cheese is Delicious Science'?

I'm an even bigger fan of Nocturne Studio's 'Night Shift' (it has an extended name saying something about being an audio drama but I can't remember that right now). I loved the entire series. The  S1 finale, 'Ace in the Hole' had soo much emotion in it.

I'm waiting on edge for the second seasons of both podcasts, and would love to find people who are as big fans as I, because no-one I know listens to them.


Girl in Space:


Night Shift:

Hi guys my name is Elocin1 and I am from USA. My favorite podcast is FEARLESSLY FERTILE PODCAST, with Roseanne Austin. Guys this podcast has changed the whole infertility game. This podcasts exposes the lies that surround this topic and tells the truth. When I found this podcast I thought I was all alone and episode after episode I began to see a new way of thinking and being. For the woman that is serious in having a baby in less then 12months, this is the podcast for her. Here is a link with 1 of my favorite episodes


My name is Darbishire (Darbi). My name comes from an old book my dad used to read.


I live in SA, Australia.


My favorite podcast is probably my own (Time For Tech) or the Waveform podcast.

I am Tanya

I am From India 

Invest like the best By Patrick

TanyaSRising Star
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Myself HiteshKhotwani..

I lives in Ajmer, Rajasthan.

favourite podcast is Shri Krishna Leela by Spotify Originals.

It is too relaxing, devotional, I cant explain that while listening I start imagining to be the part of it and feelsI am there..
The speaker is too much in characters, that describe everything..
but unfortunately I am not getting the episodes after 50th episode of the podcast, in the end of 50th podcast, speaker says there are more to listen, but I am not getting the later ones...

Please anyone there to help me to listen the more episodes...

Shri Krishna Leela.JPG

Hi I'm Jenny Stern and I love this new podcast! This podcast interviews creatives, thinkers, and educators focused on anti-racism, anti-blackness, and racial justice in the arts. Listen and if you love it, please share with your community!

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