Your Weekly Roster: Celebrating New Voices

Your Weekly Roster: Celebrating New Voices

As we continue our celebration of Women's History Month, this week's Roster is dedicated to some of the newer voices in sports podcasting! As much as we honor the past and preview the future (trajectory), it's equally important to highlight the present and acknowledge the moment that's taking place!


This week's Roster lineup is filled with some must hear podcasts my some of the most incredible women in their fields!


Some may call her the GOAT of sportswriters (especially when it comes to basketball) and probably the most distinguishable narrator voice in ESPN history along with a cool smooth writing delivery as their NBA columnist, before retiring. Jackie "Mac" MacMullan is once again adding to her already historical resume, kicking off a very entertaining and fact filled new podcast with The Ringer! With iconic guests like Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, & more this is bound to be an instant classic!

Book of Basketball 2.0 - 1. WIlt & Russ | Icons Club


There's been a lot of conversation around the new Athletes Unlimited league, mostly great conversations! However, with this new professional sports league being mostly new a lot of this convo results in questions to be answered. Well the Team USA and Minnesota Lynx boss Cheryl Reeve dove in AU for us as well as the women's Final Four, and more!

The Cheryl Reeve Show - Athletes Unlimited & Plenette Pierson


When the news of Tom Brady un-retiring broke, there were a slew of mixed emotions going on in the sports world! A lot of perspectives were presented but none like the ladies of "First Take, Her Take", lot needless to say this episode is a pick this week due to more than just the Tom Brady story!

First Take, Her Take - Tom Brady...He's Just Like Us!


The ever changing world of professional wrestling can be a lot to keep up with at times in terms of narrative and latest events! Who won what belt, which wrestlers are changing companies, & more. But The Bellas always have you covered on the broader lifestyle of professional wrestling especially what a vacation looks like for them!

The Bellas Podcast - Order in the Court with Vacation JJ


The journey to mental health and wellness is one the most important of our lives, having all the right tools and understanding is key! World Cup champion and former Olympian Hope Solo does an amazing job at baring it all along with her guest(s), although this amazing episode is about athletes and their mental health, it is also filled with great gems to help non-athletes as well!

Hope Solo Speaks - Athletes & Mental Health (with Ryan Leaf and Dr. Carrie Hastings)

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