Your Weekly Roster: Highlighting Women's Voices and Stories Within Sports

Your Weekly Roster: Highlighting Women's Voices and Stories Within Sports


As we continue to celebrate Women's History Month, this week we're highlighting stories and voices within sports! So many great podcast about the plight of women breaking through barriers and pushing the envelope for over time, not just the past but today as well!


Here are this weeks Roster lineup of podcast that are truly worth listening to and discussing!


The greatest dynasty perhaps ever in sports may have been and still may be the U.S. Women's basketball team, every summer this squad is chocked full of hall of famers and all-time greats. What few may know is how truly dominant they've truly been over time, check out the Ringer's very cool breakdown of it all in great detail as we ready for women's college hoops tourney play and the WNBA draft!

The Ringer Guide to the Summer Games - How U.S. Women's Basketball Became a Dream Team Like No Other


When news broke of WNBA star and college women's hoop legend Brittney Griner being detained by Russian officials, after allegedly getting arrested for illegal vape cartridges while traveling to the country to play basketball professionally. This story got little to no media coverage but thankfully we have podcasts to tell these stories and spread awareness! Check this special episode of the Spinsters!

Spinsters - Experts Weigh In on Brittney Griner's Detainment with William Butler and Courtney Cox


The Paralympics are in high gear and oftentimes can be overlooked for a number of reasons, this episode of Sports Curious is easy to listen to without all of the unnecessary sports jargon and over-analytical conversation. Making it easy to jump right in and be a fan!

Sports Curious - The 5 Things to Know to Cheer on the U.S. Paralympic Team


One of the bigger name podcasts had one of the best episodes of the week about women in sports! Chelsea Clinton sat down with soccer star, advocate of equal rights pay Megan Rapinoe! This in depth conversations is the stuff that truly makes podcasts both addicting and super informative!

In Fact with Chelsea Clinton - Women in Sports with Megan Rapinoe


A huge conversation with in women's sports over the years has been athletic wear. With different body types, cultural backgrounds, and more it has become increasingly important for this industry to have control over design and market placements! This interview with Jenny Nguyen is both refreshing and inspirational to see how much progress has been made as well as the opportunities that are ahead!

The SHOW Up Society Podcast - Celebrating Women in Sports with Jenny Nguyen of the Sports Bra

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