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Your Weekly Roster: Historical Women in Sports


Your Weekly Roster: Historical Women in Sports

Happy Women's History Month! As we kick off the first week of March, we're honoring the current day and past women athletes who have molded and contributed to their sports!


Not only highlighting these incredible women as athletes but also sharing their stories beyond the game! From fighting for equal rights and equal pay, to reshaping society as well as the business of the sports the dominate, every week we're highlighting incredible pods of and from women in sports! 


Here's your weekly Roster!


One of the best new podcast series pays homage to elite women gymnasts of the past whom were ahead of their time! Celebrating the lives, memories, and impact of these gymnastic heroes in conjunction with the praises of today's stars is worth ever second of listening. This particular episode about the legend Dianne Durham is both inspiring and a tear jerker!

American Prodigies - Life is Too Short to Be Bitter: Diane Durham


Women's sportswear has been an industry with a wild history, much of it being controlled by people who weren't women...unfortunately. Until one day in 1989, a former collegiate athlete by the name of Missy Park founded Title Nine, which has now become the largest independently-owned and operated retailer of women's fitness clothing! What a remarkable story and incredible episode full of gems!

The Business Case For Women’s Sports - Ep. #20 How Title Nine is Working to Create a Better Sports W...


Lolo Jones sat down with one of the most popular Peloton instructors, Jess Sims and gave one of the best conversation about the importance of staying active. Mental and physical health are vital our better existence, finding the right balance to optimize both while wearing multiple hats is key!

Gold Medal Loser with Lolo Jones - Matchmaker, Athlete and Peloton Instructor, Jess Sims | Gold Meda...


The explosion of popularity of women athletes after a major year in 1996! But unfortunately, their respective leagues and sports have gone through major ups and downs since then. the Summer of Gold pod speaks to the 25 years after and the next 25 years from here. 

Summer of Gold - 6: The Generation That Won't Shut Up

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