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Your Weekly Roster: Meet Your 2021-22 NFL MVP Candidates!


Your Weekly Roster: Meet Your 2021-22 NFL MVP Candidates!

This weekend is the is the divisional round of the playoffs and just like me, everyone is excited to see the best of the best play of winner takes it all! However, we still have some regular season business to handle...who wins this seasons coveted MVP award?!


As we all know, primarily quarterbacks win this award (which is another post for another time) and right now all the QBs who are in the running are still alive in the playoffs. Here are the candidates along with the last reported odds of them winning (just in case you're a betting person):


  • Aaron Rodgers: -400
  • Tom Brady: +500
  • Joe Burrow: +1000
  • Jonathan Taylor: +1600
  • Cooper Kupp: +2000
  • Josh Allen: +5000
  • Patrick Mahomes: +5000

Some believe it all comes down to Aaron Rodgers & Tom Brady (rightfully so) However, there's still a chance it could be one of the others! & since we still have time until that coveted award is given are a few rare guest appearances and some rally dope stories to learn more about a few of them!


Le Batard & Friends - South Beach Sessions - Aaron Rodgers


Man in the Arena - Post Game


10 Questions with Kyle Brandt - Josh Allen


WHOOP Podcast - Patrick Mahomes Discusses his WHOOP Strain, Visualizing Victory, and why he almost d...


The Bill Simmons Podcast - A Cowboys-Pats Sadness Contest, Apex Allen, Boger-Mania, and Round 2 Line...

3 Replies

It all comes down to this! Who is your pick for MVP of the 2021-22 NFL season?

I stopped by to say that I wish Cooper Kupp had a better chance, but that I think it's yet again going to be Aaron Rodgers on top, but then I saw the link to the Whoop pod with Mahomes, so instead of diving further into my sports takes I need to go listen to that!! -Signed, passionate Whoop user!! haha

Lol love that you dived into the Whoop/Mahomes episode, it's really dope to see how they measure performance and output! Yea, hoping for the day WRs & RBs can win the MVP instead of just the QBs!

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