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advertising on podcast - on Premium :(


advertising on podcast - on Premium :(

Dear Spotify Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am a loyal Spotify Premium subscriber, and I greatly appreciate the ad-free experience that comes with my subscription. However, I have recently noticed a discrepancy that I would like to bring to your attention.

It has come to my notice that some podcasts on Spotify still contain advertisements, even though I am subscribed to the premium version, which is supposed to be ad-free. I find this situation quite frustrating and feel that it is not in line with the value I expect from my premium subscription.

I understand that advertisements play a vital role in supporting content creators and podcasters, but it seems counterintuitive that premium subscribers should still be subjected to them. I believe that there should be a clear distinction between the ad-supported free version and the ad-free premium version, especially when it comes to podcasts.

I kindly request that you consider addressing this issue, either by ensuring that podcasts are completely ad-free for premium subscribers or by providing a clearer explanation of the circumstances under which advertisements may still appear. This transparency would help in managing customer expectations and maintaining the value of the premium subscription.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I hope that Spotify can continue to provide the best possible experience for all of its users.


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I agree 100%, premium should be AD free or please provide an option for this. 

Until podcasters can earn royalties for Spotify listens, like the labels / artists, most are going to need to keep featuring ads. But royalties/ listening fees would be one way to achieve it😅

I See your point - but this is unfair until listening AD is pay double by
my side . The fee and the AD.

I couldn't agree more. I wouldn't mind paying slightly more for my subscription to support podcast creators. The number and length of podcast ads are extreme enough now that I'm considering leaving Spotify altogether; a large majority of the time I spend on the app involves listening to podcasts and this is becoming an increasingly frustrating situation -- especially because it won't even let you skip past them anymore! What's the point of paying for a premium account if you still have to listen to ads?

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