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non listened episodes emitted months ago disappeared from the list of new episodes


non listened episodes emitted months ago disappeared from the list of new episodes








iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy A51


Operating System

(iOS 16.3, Android 13)




My Question or Issue


Hi, this is related to Podcasts. Until some weeks ago, I could see a lot of episodes in the list of "New episodes". Even more than 1 year back. It was very useful because I started listening to old episodes from some of my favourites shows.


I started checking old episodes in September 2022 and went back until May more or less. Suddenly only the episodes from 2 or 3 shows appeared in "New episodes" (plus the new episodes coming each day for any podcast). 


I checked the episode lists of several shows and there are many unread episodes.


Since this week, from the 2 or 3 shows for which I could see old episodes, I see only a few episodes from one of them. These episodes date on 2021.


This happens in both phones in using, android and iPhone. So it looks like it can be connected to the account? I cleared the cache, data and uninstalled the Android app and it didn't change.


If I follow a new show, only less than 10 of the last episodes show up in the "new episode" list. So I tried unfollowing shows and following them again and the issue is still there. 


I tried sorting the episodes in different order inside a show, as suggested in an answer to a similar question in the community. This didn't help either.


Is this a new feature? Only the few of the last episodes of a show appear in the list, and once they are played, the show disappears?


The workaround for me is to go show by show, filter for unplayed and add to "My episodes".

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