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5 Alexas all on the same account

5 Alexas all on the same account



i want to come back to Spotify but left when I purchased 5 echos. I want to be able to listen to different songs in different rooms which works fine with Apple Music family without having to create separate accounts for each echo.

I don’t want to have to separate out my devices as two users are my kids who do not have email addresses, phones or tablets to manage their own echo so I do it for them.

 Can I come back to Spotify and be guaranteed this will work with out setting up multiple accounts or shall I stick with Apple Music?


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Hi there @Matt72,

thanks for posting !


Unfortunately, there's no such subscription on Spotify that allows one account playing music through different devices simultaneously.


Let me know if that's what you meant and if you have any further questions

Yeah, same problem here, if that's the case I'll likely move to Apple Music, which is far easier at this point. Disappointing.

I have the same problem. 2 parents, 4 kids, family spotify account, 6 Alexas, and only 1 amazon prime account.

Although the thread is old, the problem is still current. We have a Duo plan, but since Alexa can only link to one account, we cannot play music at the same time in multiple rooms via Alexa. It works via the Spotify app, but if I want to play in two rooms - mainly when playing music for our baby daughter in one room and for us in another - then I need to either get ahold of my wife‘s phone or log onto a different account on mine.


Interesting to hear that Apple Music can support this use case. How about Amazon Music, do they have plans that support multiple streams from one account?


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