60PHP Charge on an account linked in a Family Premium Plan

60PHP Charge on an account linked in a Family Premium Plan


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Hello. I am wondering if someone else is experiencing this. I am the family head for this group and one of my members was charged with 60PHP. I did a live chat with Spotify and they told me that this was a failed transaction and there wasn't a deduction made but the linked card was really deducted based on our bank transaction history (see below). I am trying to get in touch with the bank to double confirm but they haven't replied yet. It's a small amount, yes, but I don't want it to recur.


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Before this family member joined the group, he was under the free premium trial. We had to link a card in order for him to be able to join the Family group account. Checking online, there's no such service priced for 60PHP for Spotify so when we had that deduction, we thought it's just for verification purposes and will eventually be credited back but it's been a month and we are starting to worry they might charge us again. Under receipts tab, he doesn't have any charges:


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I've been trying to search how to remove the card linked to his account so to avoid this from happening but there's no option. On his account profile, there is a note to cancel his Premium subscription. I am wondering that if we do this, will he be removed from the Family Premium or not and/or will we be able to remove the card linked on his account? 




Hope someone can help us with this! My other family member didn't experience this thing so it's really confusing.



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Hey there @danielleleilalu,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community!


Keep in mind that upon joing a Premium for Family plan, all subsequent payments on your family members' accounts will be made by the plan owner. This means that if the family member seeing this charge is successfully joined to your family plan, they shouldn't be seeing further charges after joining your plan.


However, it's possible they have a second account that this charge is from. To double-check this, we'd recommend asking them to try the steps provided here. They can also check this guide on how to locate other accounts they might have.


Let us know how you get on 🙂

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