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Accounts "overlay" between Spotify Premium Family's members

Accounts "overlay" between Spotify Premium Family's members


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Hello! I'm the owner of a Premium for Families subscription, and I'm having quite some trouble with my account. Since a few days, my tracklist and the one of one of the subscription's members are kinda like "overlayed": I can see her playlists, and we can't play music at the same time, it's almost like our accounts are joined, but if we check they're still separate. We disconnected from all platforms many times, but the issue continues to appear. I never logged in with her account, and she never logged in with mine. How can we solve this? Thanks!

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Hey @Sgears, welcome to the Spotify Community!


That's odd. Could you let us know if you are on a shared WiFi network? Keep in mind that if you're on a shared WiFi network, other devices on that network may show up in order to use Spotify Connect.


In the meantime, we recommend you log out of all devices here and change your password.


Let us know how it goes.

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