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Added family member, she doesn't have Premium

Added family member, she doesn't have Premium


Premium for Family




Samsung Galaxy J7, Desktop

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Android, Windows 10 

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I own a Premium for Family plan, which as of now includes me, my dad and my step sister. I find what happened very weird since I did the exact same steps for my dad one week ago and everything went fine.

I just created a new Spotify account for my dad's girlfriend on her Android phone. I completed the procedure on the Spotify app and on the phone, verifying the email address from the phone. Everything worked and she had a new basic Spotify account, logged in the app on the phone.

I then sent her an invite to our Family from my profile page. She accepted it successfully from a PC and completed the procedure entering our home address: on her profile it's stated that she's a Premium member, in a Family subscription plan. I confirmed this since I see her as an "Active" member of the Family from my webpage.

However, when she logs into either the Android app, the Web Player or any desktop client, she shows up as a Free member! She only has options to start a new, personal Premium subscription plan! But, if she logs into the website and takes a look at her account status, it says that she's a Premium member with a Family plan (not owned by her).

I tried:

- Removing the app from her phone, clearing every Android cache and reinstalling it.

- Removing and adding her again to our Family plan: everything worked but the same thing happened when she opened the app shortly after.

- Make her accept the invite from a different PC, different browser.

All of the above were tried multiple times but didn't help.

How can this be solved? Is it because we all live at the same address but have different last names?

Let me know if you need more data from me to solve this.

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Hey there @LHRobs,

thanks for posting in the community !


If a user is initialy creating a free account, his personal accout related to the Family Plan will stay a free basic account and that goes premium as well.


For her to use a premium account privatly on her other devies she needs to own a premium account.


Adding the Premium for Family help page for further info.


Let me know if you need additional help 😃


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