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Adding family members

Adding family members

I am trying to add 2 family members but it does t give me the option there are only 4 of us on the act and we have up to 6 

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Hey @Marshelbs,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community. We moved your post from Chats to the help boards as its content fits better here.


In the Family plan, an owner can send the invite to other 5 users that live together to have a total of 6 accounts under the plan. If you still have free spots, you can send the invite to those 2 new members with no issues. To do so, just follow the steps in this article.


However, if the users are getting an error message, it's possible that your plan is full or they could have some limitations on their accounts to join.


First, we'd recommend that other users accept the invite you sent from an incognito/private window (in a PC if possible) to make sure cache is not interfering with the joining process.


If the issue persists, check if the addresses and countries of the new accounts match with your plan. But in case the issue still persists, as we don't have access to the users accounts from the Community, we'd suggest contacting our Customer Support, so they can check the accounts and help you further.


Hope this helps. If anything else comes up, don't hesitate to ask.

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