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Address Change for Family Premium

Address Change for Family Premium



I was astonished that an address change needs the termination of the account. Ok my account is resigned by April 22th (... and paid until April 22th). But I'm wondering... do I have to pay this month twice? Or does my family has to wait a whole month? My intention only was to change the address and then to start a new Spotify contract.


Thank you in advance 🙂



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I had the same problem!

Would be great if we can get answers he;)

I created it yesterday and then turned out that I cannot add family memebers because we all had different addresses when we registered with Spotify few years ago. i wanted to change my address and turned out - "

It’s not possible to change the address registered on an existing Premium for Family subscription.

If you move, or enter the wrong details, you need to create a new account and subscribe to Premium for Family on that account. Don’t forget to cancel the subscription on your old account! Contact customer support if you need us to transfer your playlists from your old account." So I followed all the instructions and created a new account and I ran into following problems:

1. Since I used the same email to re-register, I do not have the access to my family plan that I already paid for (till 4-25)

2. When I was re-registering it didn't ask me to enter my address info- so I am not sure what address SPotify hept on file.

3. What's the customer support contact so I can address issues like- transferring music, etc.


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