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After upgrade to premium I lost 99% of my playlist and two other playlists

After upgrade to premium I lost 99% of my playlist and two other playlists

I've been using Spotify desktop at home/work for quite a while. I did use Spotify mobile app for a bit in the past. A few days ago I upgraded to Family Premium. I decided to log in on my phone and try it out. I found 8 songs of my playlist remained (out of ~ 150 or so). My other two playlists were not on my phone either.


I tried a few suggestions I found online: offline mode (didn't help) and log out and log in. After logging back in on mobile and desktop is when I noticed my phone and my desktop application both had 8 songs in one play list. 


I verified there were no playlists in the deleted playlist section. How can I get these playlists back? I did tweet @spotify, haven't heard back and that was before I knew of the community.

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If you go to the account section which links to a webpage on the left you should be able to find "recover playlists" and restore deleted playlistrs there. Hope this helped.

It's not a deleted playlist. It's the default playlist which was over 100 songs. It is now 8.


Two playlists I created were removed and are not in the recoverable playlists. The original/default playlist only has 8 songs.

Looks like this was caused by a duplicate account. @Spotifycares is assisting in merging the accounts.

Hey @Bu7ch.


Glad to hear that the folks over at @SpotifyCares are helping you out with consolidating the two accounts.


Just in case anyone else is experiencing the same issue of missing music on your account, it's possible you're logged in to the wrong account. Make sure to check this support article out to locate your original account.


If you decide you want to make your secondary account the primary one, but want to keep your old music, you can check out this Spotify Answer which will show you how to transfer any music or playlists over to your new account.


Hope that helps 🙂

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