Alexa as a separate family memeber


Alexa as a separate family memeber



I recently upgrade my Spotify account to 'Premium for Family'.

Mainly, so I'll be able to listen to my music on my office computer while Amazon Echo at the kitchen or my wife at the car can listen to whatever they like.


So , I managed to put separate accounts to my wife and daugher's.

However, How can I separate the Amazon Echo / Alexa to have a completely separate account (like a family member)  ??

Tried some ways , nothing works....


So when the family listens to music at home, I put youtube to listen to music at my office....    I purchased Premium Family exactly for this reason.


Please help.





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Hey there @itaishemesh,


Thanks for getting in touch with us 🙂


It sounds like your Spotify account is connected to the Alexa app and this causes the confusion, we'd suggest you go ahead and try the steps below to disconnect your Spotify account from the speaker.


Then your wife or your daughter can connect their accounts to the device and play their favorite jams. That way, you can also enjoy your music uninterpreted. 

  1. Disconnect the Spotify account in the Alexa App or on desktop here
  2. Log out of the Alexa app and then back in again with the email address or username and the password of the account that will be using the speaker.

Don't worry. You can always reconnected your account or any other account.


Keep in mind that only one Spotify account can control the music with voice commands within the same Amazon account. 

It's possible to add other Spotify accounts to the same Amazon account, but these won't be able to use voice commands.


Alternatively you can use Connect in order to play music through Alexa. You can check these steps on how to do it.


Hope this was helpful for you. If you have questions, you know where to find us.

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