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[All Platforms][Subscription] Still problems with GOogle Mini redemption months later

[All Platforms][Subscription] Still problems with GOogle Mini redemption months later

In Oct. 2018 I signed up for the Spotify Family plan as part of the Google Mini promotion.  which I never received.  si I have spent countless hours on the phone and chat with support trying many fixes (mostly links that would not work) and always told to be patient, they were escalating the problem, and there was a new team working on it.


I know many of you have had this problem solved through customer support, but after 6+ months (my last call with them was in Feb and I was again told someone would get back to me), I have to give up on that.  Have any of you found any other means (within Spotify or from without) of getting Spotify to make good on their Google Mini promise when Customer Service/help didn't come through after repeated attempts?


Thanks for any help or advice you can give.

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Update:  I actually needed to go to support to get help posting this.  And they addressed the Mini issue by telling me a) to contact Google about my order (despite me telling them several times an order was never able to be placed) and b) telling me that the promotion redemption was over (despite being able to see that I called in Nov, Dec, and Feb. and they had escalated the problem then and it still wasn't resolved.)  Sheesh.


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