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Amazon Alexa and Family Account -- why don't they work together?

Amazon Alexa and Family Account -- why don't they work together?


So I have a family account, and my wife and I both have logins.  Alexa will only use "her" spotify account, which it announces when playing from Spotify, but if she's using Alexa at home, I can't use it in the car or at work.  Why don't they work like I would expect?  Multiple users, multiple sessions.

2 Replies

Make sure you have the alexa app and add your Spotify account on there. That's the only way to connect to your account. alexa won't play from playlists but you should be able to access your music.

We have Alexa and our Spotify accounts work. You or she have to add you to the household whoever has setup Alexa. So if your wife set her up then she needs to add you to the household from within the Alexa app. You will then be able to login to Alexa separately by saying, “Alexa, switch accounts”. Now you should be in your own account on Alexa and from there your Spotify account. 

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