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Billing Problems for Premium Family Plan

Billing Problems for Premium Family Plan

I've been subscribing to Spotify Premium Family for quite a while.

Today 28/4/2020 I receive a sms says my card was charged for Spotify Premium as usual. Alright I'm fine with that.


However since, i'm no longer using spotify as much as before. 

So I decided to cancel my premium subscription.

Logged into my account and cancel my premium subscription,

expecting 2 results. Either

1) I am able to enjoy premium service for another month as I've just paid it.

2) Spotify will refund to me


I logged into spotify and found out that my spotify status has changed to free.

So does that means that spotify will refund to me?

I tried to look for customer for spotify to clarify the issue, but I couldn't find them at all.


Would be really thankful if anyone could help me with this question.


Thank You.

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Hi @eddyhero,

thanks for your patience !


I would first start by mentioning that when a user decides  to cancel their subscription, they remain on Premium until the end of the monthly payment cycle.


It will also be mentioned on your account page at any time.


However, in this case if you were reverted immediately back to Free, you're probably going to receive a refund in the next upcoming days.

In order to verify my words, i would recommend reaching out to your bank and have them check it out for you.


I'm always around, keep me posted 🙂

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