Can't Use 2 Devices Simultaneously??


Can't Use 2 Devices Simultaneously??

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I recently upgraded to Premium so I could share Spotify with my mom. But if I'm listening to mine, she can't listen to hers, and vice versa. She was at work listening to her playlist, and I was at home searching songs, but I could HEAR what SHE was listerning to. Can't they be separate like Netflix? Isn't there a way for her to listen to her stuff and me to listen to my stuff simultaneously without it crossing over like that? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Nope! (*NOT* solved!) My wife and I experience the same conflict -- playing over eachothers' music -- even after upgrading and with each of us logged into our separate Premium accounts! This conflict was dramatically demonstrated at different times last week: my wife abruptly interrupted my morning commute podcast (dangerous enough driving through a blizzard!) when she repeatedly attempted to play her morning wake-up mix. Late at night, I woke up our colicky infant from his white noise slumber with a true crime podcast that suddenly began playing on his nursery speaker! Please resolve this bizarre and clearly profit-driven software glitch!!

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Maxim - we have the same issue and have separate accounts (under a family plan). Simultaneous playback is fine if using separate bluetooth speakers but the moment Alexa is used we can't play (on any device) at the same time. Infuriating and seems to be no solution. Please please please sort Spotify


As has been noted, the single device per user policy makes Spotify mostly useless with a shared device such as Google Home, Alexa or Android TV.  You can't expect different users to login to the device each time they want to play music. If we are listening to music on Android TV and the account holder leaves, it's not conveniont for someone else to have to login to listen to music. Having a remotely complex password makes that too frustrating to deal with. If I have a family plan, I should be able to play on at least 2 devices. Having my personal song preferences isn't as important as this basic functionality.

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Could not agree more. This perfectly sums up the utterly useless approach Spotify has adopted with regards to smart speakers. For a company who led the move to streaming it is amazing they have not embraced the move towards such devices. Their approach is simply ignoring what their customers want and need. Come on Spotify..... you have a family membership that in no way represents what families need!!! We just want any family to walk up to any speaker in the house and play music and not get bounced off because because mum had started listening to something else in the lounge. One at a time.... really... how does this possibly make sense.... ridiculous 🤬


It's embarrassing that I pay for a family account and because I have too many children my wife can't actively do chores in another room and listen to my playlist with me. Cheap ass Spotify can't figure out how to share music over a network so we have to suffer. Considering a cheaper option at this point.


Please stop suggesting Amazon Household. I have a Spotify Premium plan.  Within that, my daughter has her account, my son has his account.  The each have an Amazon Echo in their room.  When my son or daughter request a song on their respective devices, I don't want it interrupting my podcast when I'm at work, or out on a walk.  Why is this so complicated?


So I have a family premium account (this includes 2 kids accounts) and we are unable to play simultaneously either. When we play music it comes from my Spotify account still and I’ve logged out reloaded my Spotify to see if this would fix the problem but it hasn’t. Only one person can play music at a time. We have 2 google mini nests and 3 google wifi nests in our house. Any advice would be very appreciated. Regards