Can't add family member

Can't add family member








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 I want to add family members to my spotify premium family. I send them invite link, they enter the same address as I entered and they can't join. They have been in my family for two months, but they were deleted due to "spotify can't confirm that address *some wierd hash code here* is matching mine (account owner should confirm this, but I AM THE OWNER and I never seen an option like this to confirm that these members are totally fine). I am sure that they entered excatly the same address, it worked two months ago and now they can't join my family plan. 
In this moment, Spotify took monthly price from my account for whole family, but this family is only me, other members can't join it now and I can't check my address to make sure we are entering good values (any misspelled words).

What can i do now? I can't see any way contact with Spotify crew.

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Hi @Dzistu

It sounds like there is a problem with your account. Please reach the Spotify support team directly by going here or sending a message to @SpotifyCares on Twitter. They will take a look and fix it. 

Hope this will help.

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