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Can't join Premium Family Plan

Can't join Premium Family Plan


My Question or Issue


I've been trying to join a family plan but after selecting the address, I receive an error page saying "There was a problem - please try again later".


I've had premium individual and premium duo during the year and I already cancelled my subscription to the duo, to join the premium family.


All data inserted is correct - invite, email, password, address. I've tried several browsers (safari/chrome/mozilla) in different systems (ios 12, windows 10) but still get the same error.


How can I make it work? 😞

4 Replies

Hey @patriiciasantiago,


Thanks for the post.


You need to be at the same address as the one registered on the family plan when accepting the invitation.


Also, you might need to wait for your account to go from Premium to free in order to join the new Family plan. You can check your account page, to see what date this will happen on.


Keep us posted on how you get on.

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Hi everyone!

I'm running into a similar issue and wanted to share just in case my situation won't be resolved by Alex's suggestion above. I'm getting a "Try again" error when I try to join my family's new Family Plan, and I'm not sure if it's because of the one time annual limit on how many times a user can move family plans. For me, I had a Family Plan with my father only for the first half of 2021, then we switched to Duo because it was just us two. Then this week, my mother decided to just set up a Family Plan for my whole family since I moved home, and I am unable to join this new Family Plan because of the "Try again" error. I'm not sure if the one time limit on switching Family Plans is what's blocking me here, since I am not the plan manager for this new Family Plan I am trying to join? 


I'll try again after my Duo Plan reverts back to Free per Alex's suggestion, but let me know if you think the error here is because I'm switching to a new Family Plan again. Thanks everyone!

Hi @adelestreak,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community.


The 12 month limit applies when you switch from plans that are owned by different people. If you switch from a Family Plan to a Duo, but the owner of the plan is the exact same person, it shouldn't affect. However, if the ownership of the plans was different, then the 12 month limit applies here. 


Now, as @Alex well said, your account must be on the free subscription in order to join a new plan. Otherwise, it won't allow you to do so. 


Let us know if you have any questions!

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Hey everyone, thanks for the input. Just an fyi for this bizarre method to simply migrate from one household account to another. Many kids are living at two households, this needs to be improved. Once you manage to "change" your existing account ie: cancel plan be it Premium or Duo, it will nag you to reinstate and you have wait a couple of days before it actually reverts to Free Plan. Only then can you then use the invite to the new Family Plan at your other household that you were sent.

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