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Can't suscribe to Spotify Family

Can't suscribe to Spotify Family

Hello, my cousin is just paying for the Familiar Plan, and I was in, but he got a mail .. which said that me and my other cousin will be kicked out of the plan because Spotify can't confirm we live in the same house. And I can't join it again because of that, and my other cousin can't too.. we need for Spotify to able us of join our cousins plan, because we're paying for it and we live in the same house, some help Spotify, thanks.

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I'm dealing with the same problem here, have you already fixed it? 

No one can help us? 😞

Same here. My wife just got kicked out. I don't get why won't it let her keep her family premium subscription

i have the same problem.

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I have the same problem. And looks it's been over for more than a year.


Does anybody from spotify check this posts to help?


I guess not.  😞 

I mailed their support and they fixed it pretty quickly. But they should fix this issue permanently indeed. 😕

I kept looking for answers and found out that other people got help using Facebook Messenger. I did and my problem is solved. Look for "SpotifyCares". It might redirect you to your language like "Spotifyayuda" for Spanish.

It looks like the user in problem gets banned and they have to remove the ban from their database. 

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