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Cannot add a family member to plan

Cannot add a family member to plan

I upgraded my plan to the Premium Family plan. When I sent a request to add a new member I do receive the invitation email. However, within the email I click" accept invitation" and it takes me to my spotify Subscripton and Payment page, over and  over. From there it shows that I do have the Family Premium account, and when I try to manage users it shows that my invitation has been sent, but not accepted yet. I have tried the following to solve the issue:

-Clear cookies

-Use Firefox AND Safari

-Log out of ALL devices

-Make sure my spotify is up to date

-Using a phone instean of computer


Please help. It should not be this hard. Takes me to this page every timeTakes me to this page every time

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I'm trying to add a family member but the email doesn't get sent, she doesn't receive the email?

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