Charged for family subscription but is not working

Charged for family subscription but is not working







(Samsung Galaxy j3)

Operating System

( Android .)


My Question or Issue

I had premium account and I upgraded to premium family. I have been charged 83 euros but I don't have family! 

The transaction id is 995704060695107


I have already followed all the relevant instructions in help to no avail.


Please help me thank you in advance.





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Hello @Vangelis1,

I'm sorry you and your familly cannot yet enjoy the Familly plan.


Have you taken this to Spotify Customer Support via their contact form? When did you contact them?

If you already contacted Customer Support using the form you should have a Support Case Number in the subject of their response email.

If you got an email response it means the case was assigned to someone.

If you don't get an answer back in 24 hours please insist by replying to their email.


I'm afraid this is a type of issue that hardly any other user in the community can help you with. This needs to be solved by Spotify Staff with access to the proper systems to validate all neded details and clear the situation.


Hope you get to solve it soon. Ask here for additional help in case after insisting with Customer Support (by replying to their original email with the Case Number) you are still left without response.


Best of luck with it.


Kind Regards

-- PF


Hey @Vangelis1.


Just wanted to check in and see whether you were able to resolve this 🙂


If you're still having trouble and still aren't seeing your Family subscription, could we recommend you make sure you have logged into the correct account using the right credentials?


Keep us posted! We'll be right here if you need some help 🙂

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