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Charged twice this month


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I have recently registered to claim my free google next. I had already been charged for the month of August for my subscription in which is a family premium membership. After putting my card details in and successfully ordering the google nest for free, I noticed on my bank statement that I was charged another 14.99 under the same reference, ‘spotify’ (the monthly subscription for my account). I had already paid for last month and was wondering why I was charged again, however I would like to issue a refund as I should not be charged twice for my one subscription. Hope you can help! 



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Hi there @Jon62,

thanks for reaching out !


It is possible you've upgraded a second account.

In order to eliminate this option please use this help page to locate all the accounts listed with your details.


If you find something odd, make sure to read more about Spotify's refund policy here.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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