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Combining Paid Premium, Gift Card Premium and Regular

Combining Paid Premium, Gift Card Premium and Regular

One member has Premium Paid that renews in 3 weeks

One member has Premium through Gift card with 97 days remaining

One member has Reglar


How can I best utilize paid time remaining on both paid accounts to convert into a family account without losing credit. Or just wait 97 days

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Hi there @amitkumar_ny,

thanks for reaching out !


Regarding the Gift Card use, once it was used you won't be able to retrieve it in case it get cancelled. 


Regarding the Premium account, as the account was already paid just make sure to add them to the family plan before another payment gets deducted.


What do you mean by regular account ?


Hope this clears things out.

Waiting on your update 🙂



Regular meaning free account.

Gift Card Premium was $99 year premium membership that lasts till end of the year.


So fair to say that best way to minimize total family cost, and maximize already spent $,  would be wait till end of the year. ?

Hi @amitkumar_ny,

thanks for your reply !


In case it was a new gift card support might were able to help out.

However, as this is the last few month of the card, i'd say that yes, this is the best way.


Let me know if you have further questions 🙂

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