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Continuously logged out from Premium Family

Continuously logged out from Premium Family


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My husband and I (living at the same address) are having a Family plan that he is paying for and sharing with me. We’ve had it for a while already (maybe a year or two) and suddenly I’m starting to get kicked out from the plan. After it happened about 3 times I went in and checked our accounts to see that we are certainly registered on the same address on our Spotify account. Noticed that our postal codes where different, so recitfied my husbands and thought that would save the issue. Unfortunately not. It is happening again now and I’ve been thrown out about 5-8 times now. I can’t understand why and it’s so frustrating. It started on the 1st of July, so for a month now we’ve paid for nothing. Please help. 

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Hey @Hrundt.


It's odd that your account is being constantly removed from the Family plan. Let's make sure you don't have multiple Spotify accounts following the suggestions on this support page.  You could be logging in to different accounts.


If you only have one Spotify account, let us know if you get any error messages when trying to join the plan.


In the meantime, I suggest using a different browser or an incognito window to redeem the invite your husband sent.


Keep us posted.

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