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Downloaded music disappears

Downloaded music disappears

I have an android device running spotify and I am storing downloaded songs/albums/playlists on an external micro sd card using the premium feature. These downloaded tracks will be present in the library after downloading them. However, every so often all my downloaded albums go missing. The playlists are still there though. When I download the same music again they are downloaded instantaneously as if they were never gone but they couldn't be found. I have the most recent version of spotify installed. I have formatted my micro sd card before downloading everything again and then the same thing happens. I have logged out and back into my account. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. 

Another seemingly unrelated issue is that sometimes when I open spotify, and go to the library or browse or in fact anywhere, the buffering wheel appears and it never buffers for minutes before I decide to close spotify and try again.

As you can imagine this is really annoying because I'm paying for premium features and am not able to enjoy them. I really like everything else about the app and I have recommended it to anyone who has asked me about it. But I really can't recommend it any more because these issues have been ongoing. I will be terminating my account with spotify unless a resolution can be provided. 

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Hi @lwmt1995!


I'm sorry to hear your Spotify is not working correctly, don't worry help is here!


Please give this article a read, get back to me if you need more help 🙂

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