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Error - You need to live at the same address

Error - You need to live at the same address



Country - QC, CANADA


Device - TRYING FROM BROWSER (Safari and Chrome)

Operating System - ALSO TRIED ON IPHONE (Same problem)


I have FAMILY PREMIUM. I am trying to add my youngest daughter but I get this error message regardless of the device (iPhone, Safari Browser, Chrome Browser), even though I am doing this from my home, located at the address specified in my Spotify Account.


My IP is clean (, no VPN or other proxy). 


Please help!




You need to live at the same address

It looks like you’re trying to join Premium Family from a different country. Premium Family is only available for family members that live together. Try again when you’re at the same address.

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Please go to the billing information of the account in question and make sure to write the address letter for letter as put into the family owner's account. If the issue persists, contact Spotify support via or its support email.

There is something very strange with the Billing Address screen: It only asks for the Province and does not allow us to enter the actual house address (via the Google address finder which shows up for the Family Home Address).

We selected Quebec, which is where we are located, but there is nothing else we can select.

What can we do?

Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 11.55.49.png
Screen Shot 2023-03-14 at 11.56.03.png

There was recent restrictions put onto Spotify by Quebec, so this might have something to do with that. Contact Spotify support to get a more clearer response as why this might be.

The issue is that my daughter's account was somehow setup as being in the USA.


The solution was to:




Scroll down to Country or region and select your new one from the dropdown list.
Note: Your new country or region only shows when you’re actually there.




That parameter would conflict with the street address when you enter it to verify the invitation.

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