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Family. Invite accepted but redirected to subscription and payment page

Family. Invite accepted but redirected to subscription and payment page




Plan: Premium Family

Country: Australia


Device: imac

Operating System: OS10



My Question or Issue

I have invited a new family member to join my premium family subscription (which I've had for two years). She has accepted her invitation but is redirected to the subscription / payment page. When I go to the redeem page in my account and enter the code that was sent with the invitation it says it is not valid.  I have tried safari, chrome and firefox but get the same result with all three browsers. Please help. 


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Hey @angmel1, help's here. 


You don't have to use a code for this, but it's nice to see you've already taken some measures. It sounds like your family member is trying to accept the invite on a device that someone else is logged in on. 


What we suggest is the following:

  1. Send a new invite to your family member.
  2. Let her accept the invite on her own device, but before that, make sure that she's logged out from her account page.
  3. When accepting, make sure that she enters her own login credentials. 
  4. Check your own account page to see if she's part of the Family plan. 

Hope that helps, and let us know how it goes 🙂


Hey @angmel1.


Thanks for getting in touch!


Try to open the email invitation via an incognito browsing session. Be sure to log in with the account that's associated with the email address the invitation has been sent to. So not the administrator account. Try to issue a new invitation if it's still not working. You can find some additional FAQ's here.


Hope it works! Let us know if you have further questions.


Have a nice day.

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