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Family Plan Romania


Family Plan Romania

Now that Spotify has officially launched in Romania, the family plan isn't available, will it ever be supported?


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Hey folks,


Thanks for raising this with us on the Community!


We'd recommend heading to this thread, for some more info on this.


Thanks, and stay awesome.


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Hey @bogdanpe, welcome to the community 🙂

Unfortunately, there are still no news about the launch of Spotify for Family in Romania. Stay tuned for the next announcements!

I'm also intereted in this topic and need to know when will it be available.

I am interested in the topic as well

I'm also interested 🙂


 +1 I'm interested too

Also interested





Bumping, maybe we will get an update soon.

+1 .


I would really like a family plan, +1.


this is not a solution, why did you mark it that way?




Me too.... and my family too... +4

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