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HP Pavilion laptop

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Windows 10


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 Hi everyone,

My flatmate can't get the FamilyPlan. She is now living with me (I invited her to the Fam. Plan last month, when I started the subscription). We have the contract that she is living here from last year and will keep living here until next year. Also, her uncle will live here sharing a room with her. However, we don't understand why are her uncle and she denied and deleted from the plan. Please, can you help us? Thanks in advance,



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Hey @crissand17! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That doesn't sound cool.

Have you all typed in the same correct address?

Let me know how it goes! ^^ 




Hi, Nico! Yup... She knows the adress haha 🙂 I've just resent the invitation and I will remind the adress to them. Anyway, I hope this time it's going to be ok. If not, What should I do? 



If that still not helps, ask them to use a different browser or clearing their browser cache/cookies! 🙂



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