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Family Premium - Single Account - Home Kit

Family Premium - Single Account - Home Kit

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I currently have a premium account and am considering  upgrading to family premium. The goal is to have my kids listen to music on their google/alexa devices in their own rooms.

My question is, do I need unique accounts for each instance, or can I simply use my account for up to 6 instances at once with the family premium plan? The issue with unique accounts comes in to play as my children do not have emails (too young), and homekit (alexa / google) only support a single login for spotify). 

If Spotify does not support using a single account with multiple instances on this plan, is there any way to have Alexa / Google smart products play different songs on different devices at the same time with a single login and one home instance without using two music services?


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Spotify responded -

Individual accounts are needed. Maybe a future enhancement can design a way for multiple accounts to work through one homekit.

Hey @askeptic,


Thanks for reaching out to us about this and for keeping us posted.


Looks like our Customer Support team beat us to it - glad to hear they were able to answer your query!


With regard to your suggestion, do you mind clarifying which device you're trying to stream to?


If you could provide us with an official website link, we could look into it and see if there's anything further we can suggest.


Thanks! Keep us posted 🙂

Hi Peter, thanks for reaching out.


An example of what I am attempting to pull off...

I have multiple Google Home / Amazon Echo devices in the house. I would like a couple of them to play music from spotify independently of one another; for example, one bedroom plays one song while another plays a different song.


Because (in this case we will use Alexa) Amazon homekit allows me to only enter 1 set of Spotify credentials to control all of the Echo devices, I was hoping the family plan would allow my single login 'x' amount of simultaneous instances, rather than needing a separate Spotify account for each instance.


Having multiple accounts would work with multiple physical devices (phone / computer / etc.), but has a limitation when it comes to home automation where a central hub controls multiple devices. I am sure a lot of this is also limitations of Amazon / Google, but just thinking out loud as to what I am trying to pull off, which is 2  Echo's playing 2 different songs from Spotify at the same time to please 2 kids.



Hey @askeptic,


Thanks for clarifying your idea.


Currently, the only way to play different music from each speaker would be to have separate Spotify accounts, each connected to a separate device or hub.


I had a look around in the Idea Exchange, however I wasn't able to find an idea which is related to what you're suggestion.


If you like, feel free to go ahead and create a new idea for this. You can check out this Spotify Answer to see how to go about doing this.


Hope that helps! We'll be here in case you have any further questions.


Take care for now 🙂

I tried to do the same set up last year when our Echos entered our lives. The only way I was informed it would work, and ultimately the only way I could get it to work, was to use Amazon's Music Unlimited family plan. It's nothing compared to Spotify, but for our kids it works fine. The music snobs in the family (my husband and myself) miss Spotify. AMU just doesn't have the catalog of music or the offered playlists.  


AMU allows up to 5 devices to play simultaneously, so I can listen at work on my computer while my daughter can listen to High School Musical in her bedroom and my son, Top 40 in his bedroom. 

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