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Family and indiviual favorites

Family and indiviual favorites

I'm thinking of upgrading to a family plan. Do you still have individual favorites with family favorites if you upgrade to a family plan from a premium plan?

1 Reply

Hi there @Forya7242,

thanks for reaching out !


The Spotify Family plan holds one owner (the paying member) with the option of inviting members living in the same address and country to the plan.


Each invited member should have an active, either Free/Premium account to be eligible for the invitation.


This means, each member keeps their own account, with all their preferences as is and the only thing that changes is the fact their payment transfers to the Family plan owner.


You can read all about the Family plan here and on the Family Mix (a joined playlist which gets added to your profile just like your release radar etc.) here


Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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