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Family invite UX is broken and unresolved, and now I can't update data incorrectly stored by Spotify

Family invite UX is broken and unresolved, and now I can't update data incorrectly stored by Spotify


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The user experience for converting to a family membership is broken. I click "invite" to invite a new family member, and the next page is clearly asking for the new invited family members name and information, then when you click next/save it actually stores it as my personal information and then again asks me to invite my family member. Go through the experience yourself, you'll see what I mean and how it's intentionally misleading and clearly not the correct user experience. There is no way to update the information that was incorrectly stored by Spotify.


This has been posted before (link below) and marked as "resolved" with the official solution being to delete and recreate my account. That's unnacceptable, this is a simple database entry update and the user experience of those screens needs to be updated to be more clear. I'm not going to delete my account and lose all my playlists due to an error on Spotify's end, the burden shouldn't fall on the consumer. Read the linked thread, there is a large enough number of people also confused by this to make it obvious it's an issue that needs resolution. It's claimed to be a "security issue" and can't be resolved, but user identity isn't verified in any way so that seems like a cop out and not an actual reason. This needs to be addressed.

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The Premium for Family invite email includes the name provided when the plan was set up. If you entered the owner's name incorrectly upon signing up, you won't be able to change it currently. However, keep in mind that this is only visible in the invites sent and it shouldn't affect how the plan works.


We can see that other Spotify users think this is a great idea. Make sure to head over here to read more. You can also add your +VOTE  to the related idea and keep an eye for any updates.


If you'd like more information on how the Ideas Exchange works, make sure to head here.


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