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Family members can't find artists only genres

Family members can't find artists only genres

Let me start by saying I'm pretty IT savvy and work in IT, so I don't "think"I'm being particulary dumb but here is my problem....


We have several Amazon Echo and Sono One devices in our household, all have Alexa integration. After using a single Spotify account I decided it was time to get the family plan so different member could play music independently.


I upgraded my account to the family plan

I created a new Spotify account for that member

I followed all the linking e-mails and their account is recognised as being part of the family plan.

I linked their Amazon Echo to the new Spotify account and everything seems fine.....however, if I ask to play a particular artist or song then I get: "I can't find songs by....."

If I ask for the same song on my device which is linked to my main finds it immediately.

If I ask for songs by genre on the family members device...for example "play jazz music", then Spotify plays it perfectly fine.....

How can the family member play artists?????

If I use the spotify app and log into their account I can find some but not all and then tell it to play to their device but this defeats the Alexa integration....




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