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Family members can't join Family Premium

Family members can't join Family Premium









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Why none of my family members can’t join on link provided? When is needed to enter home address, it just pops out for them “You need to live at the same address” ? What to do? 


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Hi there @JsRapunzel,

thanks for reaching out !


I would suggest the following actions:

- Make sure all of you family members account are listed in Serbia

- Do not use the plan owner's device for the sign ups

- Try using a different web page or incognito page for the process


Let me know how it goes 🙂

Les envie la invitacion a mis familiares, los cuales están en este momento en sus trabajos y no les acepta la dirección que ellos proporcionan, pensé....? quizas estan cambiando el orden de la forma en que esta registrada les envio una captura en pantalla y aun así les sigue negando el acceso dice que la direccion esta mal. que sugieren.

Hey there @ACRINOX,     


Thanks for posting and letting us know about this.


We hope you find it okay for us to reply in English since it's the Community's official language.


We're currently investigating an ongoing issue causing users to be unable to accept an invite successfully. You can follow the steps in there to try and solve this and if it persists you can leave a +VOTE to show your support and subscribe to the thread for any updates.


Note: Make sure your family members double-check the postal code when accepting the invite. 


We hope this information was helpful. We're always one reply away if you need us. 



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