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Family members cannot play all songs

Family members cannot play all songs


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My family members cannot play all songs. Their app is the same version as mine but the My Library tab had fewer options for them. We have tried reinstalling, logging out, cheating cache etc. Please help.



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HI bluearmy81,


I have the same problem on my acount and the accounts of my family members. I first thought Spotify had updated their software skin/desin, but then have recognized that various functions like filtering for artist and songs are lost. 


My library now looks like in the picture bluearmy81 stated. Please find a picture in the following, how my libary original has looked like. Can anyone please help?



Warm regards,



Hey there @bluearmy81,


Welcome to the Community!


Could you clarify a bit more about what you mean that your family members have troubles playing all songs?


It might be a good idea trying the steps here first.


If you're seeing different features than your family or friends, you can check this support site article for more info.


On another note, keep in mind that each member needs to have their own Spotify account in order to join your Premium for Family plan. You can find some additional info here and here.


Hope this helps!


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