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Family members got kicked out of premium service

Family members got kicked out of premium service

Hi, members of my family has been kicked out of my premium plan, which has been working fine for the last couple of years. They are unable to rejoin after I send a new invite to them (see attachment)


Plan: Premium for Family (SGD 14.95)

Free/Premium: Premium

Country: Singapore


5 Replies

Hey there @samho_27,

thanks for posting in the community !


Just to make sure nothing has changed, have you used a different payment method lately ? changed country or address ?


Waiting on your update 😃

Nope, nothing has changed. My members were made to verify their addresses and got removed subsequently.

Hey threre @samho_27,

thanks for the update.


Please reach your (the owner) account page online to make sure you account states "Family plan" as your subscripition.


In addition, please check this help guide page on all info concerning family plans.

Note: you can also have the family memebers trying to accept the invite using an incognito or a different webpage.


Let me know how you did 😃

Hey there, thanks for the response! Maybe to give more context here:


1) I am the owner of the group


2) I spoke to a customer support rep over Facebook and I understood that my members were kicked out as they could not prove that we are all living in the same address, which is a requirement for them to enjoy the premium plan as a family


I personally find this policy counter-intuitive, especially for countries that typically have a smaller nuclear group (for e.g. Singapore). You’ll also be assuming that families HAVE to stay under the same address, which is usually not the case.

Have you tried looking for Spotify support? I had that same problem and they helped me right away.

You can send them a message on:




Twitter (DM): 


Spotify Support:


Tell me if you need more help! Xx

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