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Family members removed from plan

Family members removed from plan



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 I'm one user of family plan, me and all of the members are members of a university republic and we all live together. But everytime one or more accounts get banned of family plan, it occurs even with the same address used in the register and using Spotify at the same internet on a long part of the days.
I want some answer and solution, because this is an annoying problem!




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Hi @qgmnr1ilyjusw5k, thanks for writing.


Sometimes the information once given to Spotify (regarding the users’ addresses) don’t match the ones they have. The data might be incorrect, incomplete or outdated, hence the removal of some users.


In this case I suggest you get in touch with the Spotify Cares staff - They'll be happy to help you further with this.


There are a few ways to contact them. In Brazil I particularly like to reach Spotify via Facebook. Shoot them a message here: Spotify Cares. They generally reply very quickly!


You can also use Twitter - just send them a Direct Message @SpotifyCares. 


When you message them, inform all the e-mail addresses on the plan.


Let me know if this helps 🙂


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Hi, thanks for your tips!

I try contact with Spotify Cares and wow, this was pretty good, they answer me very quickly and were super attentive (like you were!)


Thank you again, greetings!

Hey @qgmnr1ilyjusw5k.


Glad that @Bittencourt and our team at SpotifyCares could help you out!


Give us a shout if you have any other questions.



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