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Family members showing audiobooks locked, even under premium family account


Family members showing audiobooks locked, even under premium family account


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Hi, when i browse my app under my account, I can see audiobooks which are able to be played. However when I use my kids premium family login under their iPad, same audiobooks shown as locked. What gives? Some kind of early restrictions or teething issues as it seems audiobooks for streaming is quite new.

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WHY though

Did nobody consider this usecase? Your product manager really dropped the ball on this one. This needs to be prioritized and fixed asap.

Interested to finally hear Spotify’s resolution for this one. Absolutely disgraceful to take our premium membership money happily every month (after the recent increase) on a duo or family account and to not all have the same rights under that account.

Just adding my voice to the multitude that this is stupid and needs to change 

Just adding to this list of people finding this a bit rubbish from Spotify. If it's that important for Spotify to only allocate 15 hours a month... then maybe consider developing a setting where the plan manager can select who from their family in a family plan can use it. Doesn't need to be more complicated than that initially. But I agree with others that all in the family should have access... this doesn't feel very premium! But a temporary measure would be something like I mentioned, which would certainly resolve my issue where my wife really wants this feature but I'm the plan manager with little interest in audiobooks currently.

Also just come across this thread as discovered that my husband can’t listen to audiobooks but I can - and yep, I am plan manager. Awful, we pay for two premium accounts hence duo but it’s not!! Step up the game Spotify and quickly, or well quickly step away 💰 

I heard that premium subscribers get 15 hours of audiobooks per month, but I don't seem to have that. Is this not available in the student plan?

It has been pointed out to me that only the manager of spotify family plan has access to listening to audio books which makes zero sense because the point of the family plan is for everyone to have the same access... spotify should make a change and make it accessible to the entire family plan because we are paying thinking that everyone gets the same access. It's kind of ridiculous that it is set up like that.

Agreed! O

I've been a Spotify fan for years. I signed ipbfornthe Family Plan so my husband and kids could have access also. Discovered my husband can’t access an audiobook. After reading this thread and seeing lack of response/solution from Spotify I’m considering other options. I feel manipulated and conned. Not a good look for you, Spotify. 

Hey @xsapling,


Thanks for reaching out.


It's, unfortunately, only available for the Premium Individual plan and owners of a Premium Family/Duo plan.


I hope this clears things up 🙂

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When will this be rectified? Why am I paying for premium DUO if my husband cannot listen to what I can listen to? 
this needs to be fixed ASAP

Then does this mean the student pricing plan is not an individual plan?

Ridiculous things like this are why people pirate content.

Hi Maxim. I just set up a family premium plan, so that the audiobooks my son has been listening to on my phone. He can now listen to on his own device. This was going to be especially important as we are about to get on a long plane flight. Except I’ve just learned that he can’t listen to the audiobooks on his account. And because of this, I’ll be cancelling my family premium account as soon as possible.

My husband and I signed up for premium and we are very disappointed to see that only one of us can listen to audiobooks. This limitation is really misleading, and we feel somewhat cheated. Hoping to see this get resolved soon. 

This is an oversight by spotify. If I pay for a premium family plan all members should have the same access as the plan manager. Poor form. Fix it or lose listeners.

I agree, and the response from Spotify has been weak- basically “it is what it is” .

We get it - Spotify is greedy and wants every premium user to purchase an individual subscription- having the option to share audiobook hours within a family subscription isn’t costing Spotify anything.

This is not a solution

So you can mark it as another solved problem without addressing the issue?

Just fallen into exactly the same trap. Didn’t see it anywhere on the original offer page extolling the virtues of family premium. This is mis selling. 

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