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Family members showing audiobooks locked, even under premium family account


Family members showing audiobooks locked, even under premium family account


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Hi, when i browse my app under my account, I can see audiobooks which are able to be played. However when I use my kids premium family login under their iPad, same audiobooks shown as locked. What gives? Some kind of early restrictions or teething issues as it seems audiobooks for streaming is quite new.

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Jumping on board to express my disappointment in Spotify's current solution where only the "plan manager" can access audio books. We are on a Duo/Couples plan and are frustrated that we can't both access this feature and would have to go back to having to separate accounts to resolve the issue. I hope Spotify fixes this and rolls out a solution soon where we can keep our existing plan. 

Well this just sucks!  I used to be the "plan manager" but then my son took over the account, so now I can't listen to audiobooks for free like other Spotify Premium members??  That's just wrong Spotify!!  You need to change this unfair policy immediately!

Please explain further how to START A TOPIC.  I did what you said and can't find anything about it!  Thanks.

I am plan Manager and do not have access still even though I have a premium account 

Audiobooks only available for the plan holder in family plans. Either the plan is shared or it is not!! Spotify fix this misleading advertising of your family plan.

Or explore other audiobook streaming options?

Seems like a big loaf of **bleep**, the entire point of a family plan is to consolidate a household under a single bill at a discounted price, for the same benefits, like phone plans or combining streaming services, EACH member should have 100% access to everything a single premium account has access to unless you put in kid friendly restrictions or parental control stuff. This is a huge downside to Spotify. Heck amazon let's you have a family library or directly share books to non members. Get it together, large companies need to stop having these "oversights" on common sense implementations

Stop marking this issue as "solved: in every thread!!!  That's just adding insult to injury, Spotify!  The issue is NOT SOLVED until you give all plan members the SAME ACCESS!  SO JUST STOP IT!!!  You are blind if you can't see what people are so upset about here!  And it's EVERYONE!  ACTUALLY FIX THE ISSUE!

What an absolute joke this is. Spotify need to allow all family premium members access to all features of the plan. 

The audiobook I’m listening to is advertised as free with my premium account. When I try to listen to it through the app it is locked and says I must purchase the audiobook online. I went online to see what my options were and I was able to listen to 9 hours of it before it cut me off. It says I have to wait 24 hours before I can resume listening - UNLESS I want to “top off” and spend $12.99 to listen to another 10 hours. This is unacceptable. I am not able to listen through the app and now they are price gouging me for something that is advertised as free?! I pay for premium duo every month and expect much better than this. FIX IT SPOTIFY. 

I just reread. It says I can resume listening to my ‘free and included with prime account anudiobook’ again in NINE DAYS - not 24 hours. It is making me wait over a week to listen to something I already pay for. I’m about to cancel my Spotify. This is robbery. 

What is wrong with this company? Do they know they are not the only ones in the market of streaming music, podcasts and audiobooks. It doesn't seem they do....Letting people listen for 9 hours then cutting them off for any amount of time is more than unacceptable...

i want to download an audio book by Paul Noble, however, it is locked and the cost would be £28.

Whereas a friend of mine who also has Spotify can download it for free.

Am I missing something

When will this issue be resolved for all people on the plan to have access?  Makes no sense.  

Are you the primary holder of the account? If not only the primary holders
seem to have access to free audiobooks....Spotify needs to change this.

At the very least they should enable the plan manager to assign the credit to someone else on the account, perhaps on a monthly basis. My husband is the plan manager in our family, but has absolutely zero interest in audiobooks. 

My son and I would either one would make good use of the audiobook allocation, but neither of us has access to it. 


I can understand that for the price of the family plan, it wouldn't make sense for every member on the account to get the audiobook credit, but to make it assignable to the member most likely to use it makes a lot more sense than the current situation.   


This is such BS!! what’s the point of having a family plan if one of the features is only available to one person, what a stupid rule. I really hope they change this soon otherwise may be reconsidering my premium subscription 

Thats trash Spotify. I found a great book that I think may really help my marriage. I send it to my wife and she agrees to listen to it only when she tries, its locked!!??

Exactly. And the prices keep going up for as Spotify has stated: “to cover the costs of audiobooks and podcast entertainers”….and yet limited hours a month and only one of my users. So why the increase in rate for this? Bc Spotify, again in their words, made a massive billion dollar mistake by being the only provider to have exclusive podcasts from some of the worst people on this planet, I suffer a price increase and still don’t get full benefits. But sure**bleep**, the CEO and other execs made their bonuses even with the massive loss. 

This is the most ABSURD thing that I've ever heard. My husband is our manager, and doesn't EVER listen to audiobooks! Heck, maybe implement that X amount of books can be listened to at a time, but not lock it all! This is bonkers, Spotify! Make it right! 

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