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Family plans, Amazon Echo, Listening at work

Family plans, Amazon Echo, Listening at work

I went through and tried to see if there were any previously answered questions regarding my topic(s), but thought it would just be easier to get it all solved at once.


I live in a house with my wife, two kids and mom.  My mom has her own Echo in her room, we have one set up in the living room and I have an Echo Dot at my bed.  I also want to listen to Spotify at work.  Does each device need a login of its own?  How does my mom get her own Spotify?  Does she need to have an account and then will it link to the Family plan?  Same for me at work.  Do I have to have a work account, or would I just use the one at home?  When I'm at work the kids want to listen to Spotify, but back when I had just Premium, we would always be cutting each other off if we were listening simultaneously.  Does the Family Plan eliminate this?  Would I have, say, a "Living Room/Bedroom plan", along with my mom's so that she can listen, and then have a "Work" account setup?

I hope this all makes sense.  Thanks in advance!

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Hey @blusbro,


All members of a Premium for Family plan will be using their own Spotify account. If you don't want to have any playback paused at work because of someone is using one of the echo's at home, I'd recommend setting up an account for each echo.


You can find more info about the Premium for Family plan at

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Hi, we've done this and have 3 separate accounts within our premium family account. However whenever we try to play on different Echos in the house (we have 2) they cut across each other. Is there any way we can remedy this, so that we can play different songs on each Echo at the same time?

Thank you

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