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Family subscription failed

Family subscription failed



I have a Family plan and they are living with me. All have put the same address but I can't set the address because I came from a Facebook profile so after a week or two my family have been rejected.


How I can to add my family to my plan account?



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I have almost the same problem as you have, I had the family subscription for 6 months now and been using it without problems since then but some weeks ago two of my family members got a warning that Spotify couldn't verify their address and got kicked out, now when I try to rejoin them, the same message appears, even though every member does live in the same address and put the exact same data in the fields. Anybody can help us??

This same thing is happening to me right now, we all live in the same house but two of our members have been kicked... 

I have tried adding them back to spotify but it continues to say they have the wrong address? Has anyone figured out the problem or how to fix it?

same thing just happend to us. all living under the same roof. now all family members got kicked out of my family subscription. whats going on here spotify????

We have the same problem, and no one knows how to solve it :((

Hi guys,


is there any solution for this problem? I have the same issue here. My family members have been kicked from my Family Plan.

There's no solution. I 've finally unsubscribed.
Spotify didn't replay me ever. They don't want to give support and I think
this is illegal.

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