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From Student account to Family premium

From Student account to Family premium


Hey guys,

I just got an invitation from my family to get the Spotify premium together as Family account.

I have clicked on the link in the e-mail and joined them. The owner sees me as "active".

Unfotunatelly my account says, when I look at my subscribtion: Premium for Students, you are using the family subscribtion. When I click on "change or delete" I get to the page, where next to the Students premium is a button for "resume" and at the Family premium account is a button for "change subscribion". I can´t see anywhere, that I actually am a member of Family premium account.

My question is, if I am now a member of the Family premium, or will the Spotify still want me to pay for my Student´s account?

Also my payment was right today for my Students account, but I have changed to the Family one in the same day. Can I get the money back, somehow?

Thank you!

Best Regards  

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Hi @najkyey,


Can you please reply with a screenshot of what you're seeing? Be sure to hide any sensitive info.



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