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Gift a family plan to family in another country

Gift a family plan to family in another country

How can I buy a family plan for my family in the UK or Australia?  I want to give them a years worth of subscription, but it is very unclear whether/how I can do this from the US. 

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Hi @fe263 and welcome to the Community 🙂
Unfortunately, Family plan subscriptions cannot be gifted via the website. Since different countries often cost different amounts per plan, the only option I know of is to purchase a physical gift card for their country (if available). 
Hope this helps and have a wonderful day! 🙂

Thanks Bethany,

I've also seen some comments here in the community that it is not possible
to pay for Family Plan via physical gift cards, although there is a
workaround listed in this post:

Can you confirm that this will work for them if I buy physical gift cards?

Thank you!

Hi @fe263 ! 🙂
I can't personally confirm that this process will work, but in theory I don't see why it wouldn't. If the gift balance is applied to a Premium account and then upgraded you do not lose the balance - it is just applied to the price of the new plan.
I think it would come down to whether or not someone would want to do the work around. 

Hope this helps and have an amazing day! 🙂

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